Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Joys of Co-Op's

This spring my family joined a Home Schooling Co-op. I have to say I feel this has been a great changes for both my children and myself. There are 90+ families in this co-op. One family had 12 children and is expecting #13. So total there are over 200 kids.

Each child has his or her own classes they can pick, 4 classes. Catherine is taking Ballroom Dancing, Art, Music, and Games. Anna is in a 3 year old class. Christopher is in a 2 year old class.

I think this is also very beneficial for myself as well. I have met many wonderful ladies (mostly moms come although you do see some dads). We have talked about everything from schooling to fun.

If you ever have a chance to find a co-op check it out, it might be a perfect fit for your family.