Friday, May 29, 2009

So to Summer School or not

In the famouse style of William Summer School or Not....that is the question.

Ok now that summer is officially upon us one begins to we do school during the summer or take the summer off.

Here at our home we do a different type of school...we do more art/music and outdoor learning as appose to the traditional text book learning. This summer we have set up a specific activity each day of the week. This helps us keep a form of schedule in place as well as insure the kids don't just blow their summer away.

This year our summer school looks like this:
Monday - painting
Tuesday - Library (we are in the summer reading program at the library)
Wednesday - Clay/Play dough
Thursday - Pastels/chalk/pencils
Friday - Baking

So now you have to look at your own family and figure out if a version of Summer School would work well.