Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I have noticed over the last several years the writing is becoming a lost skill for many people.  In this age of technology and our busy lives we tend to wanted everything quick and now.  This has effected our writing in a negative way, or at least I believe it has.   I have started, yet again, another attempt at keeping my blog up to date.  My reason is two fold.  First, to continue to share with the world the idea of Homeschooling.  Second, to work on my own writing skills.  Over time I have noticed that my personal writing skills are lacking.  In the past I wrote very eloquently, but due to rushing and the natural slang that comes from using technology my writing is suffering.  I feel I am a living example to my children and I for one want them to have a good example of a writer.  Currently I am not that example, however with time I hope to improve that for them.