Saturday, December 15, 2012

2010 to 2012 What Happened???

I was thinking the other day, yes I do that from time to time, it has been a LONG time since I worked on my blogs (I have many of them).   Then I thought about it some more and decided to log into Blogger and just see how long it had been.  Well much to may shock I had not spoken my mind since 2010.  

Guess I owe people, if anyone, an apology for not working on this.   Well do I really owe anyone an apology, well not really.  But I feel it is time to bring this blog back up to date and try to maintain this blog.   I have one word to explain what has taken place over the past two years.....CRAZINESS.  Yes, I think that about sums it up very well.  My family was turned upside down on 05/15/10 when a person, who I thought was my soul mate, my partner in crime left.  Without any warning...POOF....decided that he was not "happy with himself" and left.  After many tears and much fear, my kids and I picked up the pieces of our lives and pressed on.   Although I don't regret the choice to marry this person, after all my children would not be here if it was not for that union, I do regret any pain they have suffered due to the actions of another. 

So hear we are almost to the end of 2012.....a single parent homeschooling household.   Can we do this....YES WE CAN!   Is it hard...YES IT IS!    But one day at a time, step by step we can do it.

One of my goals in life it to become a Curriculum Writer, and so the first place to begin would be with making the stuff I write known to others.   Thus this blog will not only talk about the joys, the frustrations of homeschooling/life, but also begin to contain some of the vision I have when it comes to Curriculum. 

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Sue Collier-Brannin said...

Glad to see you back at it. I know life has been tough for you the last couple of years but you have done an amazing job coping and that has to do with you faith in God. I've never been to your blog before, but felt the need to post. I too have started a blog in the last month or so. It can be found at if you are interested in checking it out.