Monday, December 17, 2012


Violence is all around us.  Much of the United States has its eyes and hearts focused on the shooting death that occurred Friday, December 14, 2012 in Connecticut.  I have heard many people say we need tougher gun control....and others say we need to institutionalize those who have mental illness...and others say this is why we homeschool.   

I, obviously, homeschool my children, but as I told them.....violence can happen anywhere at anytime.  Are they safer being homeschooled, I believe a little, but are they totally safe...No...but do I feel they are at least a little bit safer...YES.  

By homeschooling them I am able to ensure they are receiving just what they need in education, a personalized education in a safe environment.  I am able to maintain a level of values and morals that is no longer acceptable in the public school system we live in today. 

I pray that some day the world will be a safer place and people don't have to worry about someone going into any building and place and hurting others.  I hope someday that prayer can be answered and known by everyone.

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