Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday School

Each Sunday my family has the same routine.   Get up, get a shower, get dressed, eat a small breakfast, and hit the van for church.  We have belong to the same church since 1989, so it is just the norm.   My children attend Sunday School each Sunday and for the most part enjoy it.   I am currently in a class, as they created a new class a few months ago.  I can count on one hand number of Sunday's we have missed, as a matter of fact, this year it has been 1 total, and the year is almost over.  Even then, that Sunday we were at a church service just not our church service. 

So why do we get up early on Sunday, when much of the world is sleeping in?   Why do we do this week after week?   Plan and simple....routine builds discipline.....discipline builds character.   I want to raise children who are ladies and a gentlemen of honor.  Who learn that sometimes, even when you don't want to do something, you still must do it.  That honor and respect the elderly (our church has a large percentage of elderly).  I want my children to learn to give of themselves for others.  And most of all I want my children to have a strong faith that will lead them through the rough times of life. 

So that is why each Sunday we wake up early and hit the ground running just like all the other days.

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