Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Techno Fasting

One thing I am looking forward to in 2013 is the month of January.  In January my family will be taking a fast from Tehcnology.  After the ball drops we will be unplugging all TV's, all Video Games, and all computers.   Cell phones can only be used to phone calls, no games etc.  The only eception to this will be my lap top for work and checking email (again for work).   We will not be checking in on Facebook, playing games, or even writing on the blog. 

My prayer through this fast is that my children and I will see where we have gone wrong in our lives with technology.  Where we have allowed our lives/minds/souls to be derailed in the name of entertainment.

Some have asked why do this.  The idea came from a night when we had no power in our home.  That night, with no tv, no computers, no video games, was the most relaxing fun night for the kids and I.  We played marbles by candle light and enjoy just being together.   So thus I thought, woundn't this be a great thing to do.

So here we are...after the ball drops.....everything gets unplugged. 

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